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Davide Ortu

Children's Illustrator

Davide is an Italian artist. He lives in Spain and is represented by Beehive Illustration.

Soon after earning his diploma at 'Foiso Fois' Arts High School in Cagliari, Sardinia, he takes up a career as an advertising graphic designer. When he moved to Madrid, in 2008, he discovered children's book illustrations.

Gloomy open spaces, dreamy in-between atmospheres, a strong chromatic impression mixed with imaginary elements are the main features of his work.


He is on a quest to conjure colourful and fantastic places, where time stops to offer biggest emotions in smallest people.

Books published by Owlet Press


The Woodcutter and The Snow Prince

The Tooth Fairy and The Sugar Plum Pixie


The Tooth Fairy and The Teeth Takers


The Tooth Fairy and The Home of the Coin Makers

The Tooth Fairy and The Magical Journey

Davide Ortu
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