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Published in Partnership with The Royal Mint.


Written by Samuel Langley-Swain

Illustrated by Davide Ortu


When Ollie and Grace put their lost teeth under their pillows with a trap to catch the Tooth Fairy, they wake to find a Watch-Mouse named Wensleydale walking around their bedroom! They learn how Watch-Mice help Tooth Fairies and travel through magical underground tunnels to The Royal Mint, where The Chief Tooth Fairy herself is waiting with a special gift.


Format: Paperback

The Tooth Fairy and The Magical Journey

  • "Perfect for anyone with a wobbly tooth, but great stories in their own right" @busy_busy_learning


    "I like the fact that the fairies aren’t all girls!" @thepicturebookconsultant


    "Captivating, animated and exciting for children to hear and read aloud. They are written in rhyme - fabulous for engaging children of many ages and those that are keen readers" @homeplaylearn

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