Written by Jane Rushmore.

Illustrated by Sally Darby.

A funny story of silly squirrels. Marney is a grey squirrel who is having a hard time finding his winter food.
When a red squirrel tries to help Marney is afraid of this strange new creature.  As he becomes more and more ‘red-faced’ in his frustration Marney realises his silly mistake and makes a new friend. This story highlights how language and perceived differences cause unnecessary distrust and how deep down, our similarities are greater than our differences.

Marney's Mix-Up

  • "Jane Rushmore's sensitive and gentle text handles tough topics such as fear of what we don't know and inherent bias with ease and deftly conveys a message of unity and acceptance for little readers." @kindkids_bookclub


    "This is a great way to open up the conversation with young children about how we can celebrate our similarities and differences in a light hearted way" @amy_motheringarainbow


    "This is a story with a great moral about making snap judgements based on differences and personal prejudices. We learn that if we stop to take the time to listen and get to know someone then we will see the similarities and common ground that we share and form the basis of a friendship" @mrsbrownsbookbox