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Written by Jane Rushmore

Illustrated by Sally Darby


When Marney the headstrong squirrel spots the BIGGEST pumpkin in the bushes across the park, he doesn’t want to waste his time working with the other squirrels to gather nuts and acorns.
He doesn’t even listen to Riley the hedgehog, who tries to warn him that things may not be as they seem. Could this be another one of Marney’s mix-ups?


Format: Paperback

Marney's Pumpkin Mix-Up

£7.99 Regular Price
£3.75Sale Price
  • "A great story about the importance of listening to others and working together" @samgoldsworthychildminding


    "The illustrations are absolutely beautiful. Big, colourful with wonderful details" @ramblingsandrainbows


    "This picture book has a great moral, warm autumnal scenes and some lovely woodland creatures. There’s even a recipe for spiced pumpkin loaf at the back of the book that we can’t wait to try" @homeplaylearn

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