By T.A Creaser & Samuel Langley-Swain.

Grandad’s coming to stay for Christmas! What could possibly go wrong? This heart-warming, rhyming story reminds us how easy it is to get caught up in material things at Christmas, through the true to life experiences of ‘the family next door’ and how we can feel the warmth of 'togetherness' even if we can't physically be together.


Grandad helps his family get through the challenges they face, in the run up to the big day, from soothing Lily’s meltdown in her school nativity (due to her Autism), to smiling through cremated turkey on a disastrous Christmas morning! His special gift helps the family come together and reminds them what Christmas should be all about.


This book can give parents the opportunity to discuss the subject of loss and illness in an incredibly soft, subtle and sensitive way, but in 2020 this book can help bring comfort when having to distance over the holidays, using themes of love, family and togetherness at Christmas time.

The Christmas Next Door, by T.A Creaser

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