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Published in Partnership with The Royal Mint.


Written by Samuel Langley-Swain

Illustrated by Davide Ortu


As Ollie and Grace both lose their first tooth,  Grandpa’s magical stories reveal generations of Coin Makers and Tooth Fairies working secretly together from The Royal Mint, taking them from The Tower Of London, to the land of magic and dragons. Maybe one day the twins would get to see all the magic for themselves.


Format: Paperback

The Tooth Fairy and The Home of the Coin Makers

  • "The ‘Tooth Fairy’ titles are a modern take on the much-loved tradition of children magically exchanging their first teeth for gleaming new coins! The books featured are bursting with excitement, really bringing this tradition to life" @homeplaylearn


    "With just the right amount of fact among magical fiction, these gorgeous books teach us how and where coins are made in the UK, whilst thrilling children with adventures of fairies, dragons and gold!" @reallyratherwild


    "I love the idea of books showing how important it is to brush your teeth" @mrsbslens

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