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Written by Lauren Fennemore

Illustrated by Zoe Damoulakis


The sequel to the lockdown-hit ‘The Year we Muddled Through’, which was published just days before first-time-mum Lauren Fennemore gave birth to her miracle-baby daughter (and sold over 20,000 copies) is HERE!


While the original book provided soft illustrations and soothing rhyme to help us see the magic within the mundane, this new joyful anthem of hope shows the beauty in experiences we previously took for granted.


Everyday outings such as swimming lessons and birthday parties have a whole new level of wonder for these young children who have grown up in lockdown and may be experiencing them for the very first time.


Of course, the magic isn’t lost on us adults too, who have been waiting for a long time, for something as simple as a hug.


Format: Paperback

The Wonderful World Was Waiting

£7.99 Regular Price
£2.99Sale Price
  • "This rhyming story reveals magical new experiences for children who have grown up in lockdown" @miss_a_year1


    "This book made me smile and I’m not ashamed to say it made me cry. This book will be a cherished reminder of a difficult year that reminded us of the beauty in the everyday." @thestayathometoddler


    "This is a perfect keepsake to your home and classroom bookshelf. Sending a message of hope and joy during a time of change" @early_years_with_liane


    "[This book] really truly is a keepsake." @imaginewithaustin

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