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Why We Need LGBT Books in Children's Libraries

In recent years, there has been a growing recognition of the importance of inclusivity and representation in children's literature. One significant aspect of this movement is the inclusion of LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) books in children's libraries.

Many progressive parents, educators and librarians recognise how these books offer a range of benefits, not only to the LGBT community but to all children. As our debut author Barbara Slade embarks on touring her LGBT fairy tale, Cinder & Ella, we felt it important to reinforce the numerous advantages of having LGBT books readily available in children's libraries.

LGBT books are not just for Pride month, they're for all year round....


Introducing LGBT books in children's libraries helps foster inclusivity and acceptance from an early age. By presenting diverse characters and stories, these books challenge stereotypes and promote a more inclusive society. They teach children to appreciate and accept people of all backgrounds and identities, cultivating a culture of respect and empathy.


LGBT books provide crucial representation for children who may identify as LGBT themselves or have LGBT family members or friends. Seeing characters with similar experiences and feelings helps validate their own identities and allows them to develop a positive self-image. By offering diverse narratives, these books promote self-acceptance, self-esteem, and emotional well-being among young readers.


Reading LGBT books encourages children to develop empathy and understanding towards individuals who may be different from themselves. Through stories that explore the challenges and triumphs of LGBT characters, young readers gain insights into the lives and experiences of others. This understanding cultivates compassion, reduces prejudice, and promotes a more inclusive society where everyone is valued and respected.


LGBT books often challenge traditional gender stereotypes by presenting characters who defy societal norms and expectations. By doing so, these books help children understand that there is a spectrum of gender identities and expressions. This broader understanding empowers children to question rigid gender roles, promotes gender equality, and encourages the pursuit of personal interests and passions, regardless of societal expectations.


Children's libraries that embrace LGBT books create a sense of community where all children and families feel welcome and represented. By curating a diverse collection, libraries promote an atmosphere of inclusivity and belonging. LGBT books provide opportunities for conversations and discussions, allowing children to engage with different perspectives and cultivate an open-minded worldview.

Having LGBT books in children's libraries brings about numerous benefits that extend far beyond the LGBT community itself. By fostering inclusivity, representation, empathy, and understanding, these books contribute to the development of well-rounded, compassionate, and accepting individuals.

We believe that embracing diversity in children's literature paves the way for a future generation that celebrates and respects differences, creating a more inclusive society for all and we’re so happy that a selection of booksellers are also hosting family events during Pride season with Cinder & Ella author Barbara Slade, so why not attend an event near you?

We’re proud to be collaborating with booksellers around the country who share these beliefs and a group of indie-bookseller partners who are enabling customers to buy our new LGBT children’s book, Cinder & Ella for school libraries in their communities:

List of bookshops:

A New Chapter (online)

Gosh Comics (Soho, London)

Kibworth Books (Leicester

Kenilworth Books (Kenilworth)

Queer Lit (Manchester)

Tales on Moon Lane (Herne Hill, London)

Moon Lane Books (Catford, London)

Mostly Books (Abingdon)

Warwick Books (Warwick)

Let's work together to ensure that children's libraries and indeed their bookshelves nurture a love for reading while embracing the richness of human experiences in all their forms.

'Cinder & Ella' by Barbara Slade, illustrated by Lucia Soto published in both hardback and paperback editions on 1st June 2023.

Purchase links:

Hardback edition:

Paperback edition:


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