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About Us

It all started with one (self-published) book about kindness. Having sold 8000 copies of ‘Santa’s Wish’ in 2017, our Founder, Sam Langley-Swain embarked on a roller-coaster journey to leave the corporate world and set up a children’s publishing company. Learning ‘on the job’ and pulling in support where necessary, it has been no easy task to publish almost 60 titles in that time, riding the waves of recession, covid and challenges with the cost of living, but we’re still here, thanks to your support!


Our roots outside publishing have provided Owlet Press with a tenacity to thrive and an appetite to always look for fresh angles to challenge industry conventions and nurture and authors and illustrators from all walks of life. Being LGBT run, diversity flows in our veins.


We’re a tiny but respected inclusive press, publishing stories that help create more positive futures for all children, celebrating characters, authors and illustrators from all backgrounds and communities. We want each and every one of the stories we publish to bring joy and strength to those children and families who need it most. 


We often give overprints/returns to charity and donate books to schools in areas of need, while we give our authors extra file copies so that they can give away books through random acts of kindness too. This is the way we've always been, from ‘incidentally inclusive’ illustrations across every title, to searching for the best talent in undiscovered and neglected areas of society. Every author has an important story to tell either within or behind their books. If you’d like to support us further, you can use the ‘donate’ button at the bottom of our website. Thank you!

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