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Lucy Plunkett

Children's Author

Lucy has had the privilege of working in Education for 19 years, previously as a Primary School Teacher and Special Educational Needs Coordinator, and now as a Specialist Advisory Teacher.  Her writing is usually inspired by her own children and those she has been lucky enough to learn from, with a focus on wellbeing and inclusion. For as long as she can remember, Lucy wished to be a published author whose characters reflect the wonderful diversity in our world, and now her wish has come true!  


Not everybody knows this, but Dexter's character is based on Lucy's dog, Pippa! Lucy loves learning, rhyming, reading, animals and alliteration! She’s also a spectacularly indecisive, late-night-reader, messy-baker, piano-player, nature-seeker, shower-singer and tv-watcher!


“Reading has seen me through the happiest and toughest times in my life. I hope that my stories can bring comfort and joy to others, and help them to feel seen.”

Books published by Owlet Press


Dexter! The AMAZING School Dog!

‘Dexter! The AMAZING School Dog!’ by Lucy Plunket, illustrated by Sian Bowman (Owlet Press, 2023). A ‘GENTLY RELATABLE’ CHILDREN’S PICTURE BOOK STORY ABOUT HOW WE ALL EXPERIENCE SCHOOL DIFFERENTLY.  This book introduces readers to neurodiversity, through the lovable school dog, Dexter. Scenarios like the first day of term, outdoor learning, and the school play can affect children in different ways, but Dexter has a way of naturally helping all the diverse children he meets, making them feel calm and happy. “A beautiful book that helps discuss neurodiversity - sometimes all we need is a little understanding and a helping paw.” - Louise Gooding, author of ‘Wonderfully Wired Brains: An Introduction to the World of Neurodiversity’

Lucy Plunkett
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