A book for every parent who wants their children to understand adoption.

Adoption is a key story that's close to our hearts. 

Having used many story books to help our children understand their adoption journey, nothing seemed to cover the whole journey from the child's perspective.

After showing the book to families and professionals, it was clear this story would be perfect for those adoptive families with younger children, as a soft and sensitive warm up to life story work.

This way they can understand the concept of adoption first, making it easier for parents to help them understand their own life story. Endorsed by Adoption UK, recommended by clinical psychologists. 

Told through the eyes of two little bears who go on a 'typical' adoption journey, their happy ending is important for children going through their own journeys to have hope and also for friends, families and schools to understand their journeys better.

The Blanket Bears, by Samuel Langley-Swain

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  • "What a wonderful book! It doesn’t shy away from difficult or adverse topics but presents them in a gentle and empathetic way" @thelittleliterarysociety


    "It is a wonderful exploration of the world of adoption and introduces life, story and work in a subtle, yet poignant manner" @kerlindamian


    "There is no use of the term “mum and dad”, just simply “parents”, making the book inclusive and reflective of all families" @samesexparents⠀