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Treat the kids this Christmas season with these inclusive picture books! Here's some info about the 4 great books in this special offer for just £10:


The Greedy Prince and The Greatest Gift

When prancing peacocks and piles of presents just aren’t enough for a greedy prince, will he ever find the greatest gift?

Written by Samuel Langley-Swain

Illustrated by Helen Panayi

As a prince’s endless greed leads to a frozen curse from a beautiful witch, he embarks on a quest to make things right. In his darkest hour, the hope of a magical star and the kindness of others, shows the prince that the greatest gift of all is not found in material things, but in the joy of sharing and the warmth of friendship.

Format: Paperback


The Woodcutter and The Snow Prince

“A heartwarming winter story of overcoming loneliness and finding love.” - Louie Stowell

Written by Ian Eagleton

Illustrated by Davide Ortu

Every Christmas Eve, a lonely woodcutter named Kai carves statues for anyone who might pass by. But one magical night his loneliness is soothed by a visit from the snow prince. Feared by many, Kai sees hope in the prince’s eyes, but as the prince freezes once more, imprisoned in his ice-palace, can Kai break the curse?

Format: Paperback


Where Björn Belongs

"A heartwarming tale of letting go, wrapped up in the magic of Christmas." - Karl Newson

Written by Samuel Langley-Swain

Illustrated by Mirna Imamovic

After losing his favourite toy polar bear, Arctic-enthusiast Arthur finds a REAL polar bear in his garden on Christmas morning. They quickly form a special connection, but despite his efforts to keep Björn safe, cold and happy, Arthur knows that to fulfil his promise to Father Christmas, he must find a way to get Björn back where he belongs.

Format: Paperback

Christmas £10 Bundle

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