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Written by Barbara Slade

Illustrated by Lucia Soto




This inspiring LGBT love story truly celebrates feminism, strength and justice.


While Cinder dreams of a girl with eyes the colour of the sea, Princess Ella longs for something she cannot yet imagine. When the two girls meet, their hearts are filled with joy, but what will happen when the clock strikes midnight?


With one family being a source of encouragement, the other determined to crush all attempts at happiness, the odds are firmly stacked against our heroes. Yet with the power of love and strength, hope prevails. The result is a richly purposeful and inspirational, tale where girl meets girl and love faces adversity. Will Cinder and Ella find their happily ever after?




"A gorgeous retelling of everyone's favourite fairy tale. It's a delight to see that we all deserve a happily ever after." - Jodie Lancet-Grant, author of 'Pirate Mums' and 'The Marvellous Doctors for Magical Creatures'


"An uplifting, hopeful and inspiring LGBT fairy tale, celebrating feminism, strength and love." - James Mayhew, Children's Author and Illustrator


Format: hardback

Cinder & Ella

  • “A fairy tale with a twist about finding the perfect fit for you” - The Irish Examiner


    “I wish I had had a book like this when I was a child, and I am beyond happy that my children have access to it now. They have two mummies, so the concept is not new to them… but to see it in a book? It’s priceless.” @silvia__reads via Instagram


    “A lovely and beautiful retelling of a classic that emphasis the power of love in all its ways, and how everyone deserves a happy ever after.” - Shelf Editions Bookshop


    “The most joyous retelling of a classic tale, celebrating all things love, hope and girl power! A staple for every bookshelf all over the world.” @lightsoutwithlouise via Instagram


    “A wonderful, inclusive new tale from Owlet Press, this time with a female couple taking centre stage...If you're looking to diversify your reading with little ones as well as adding a wonderful book to your favourites, this is the one!” @literate.littles via Instagram


    “…one of the most awaited releases this year - at least by me - and it’s even more beautiful than we had expected!…If you like inspirational books that break gender, race and love stereotypes, then this the book you’ve been looking for!” @thekidsbookstagrammer via Instagram


    “…a new take on Cinderella with a feminist slant and a beautiful LGBT love story that smashes those traditional tropes! Filled with beautiful, majestic, sweeping Mediterranean vistas, it is a magical, uplifting and empowering story showing hope, love and happiness overcoming adversity; with a clear message that everyone deserves their happily ever after. An empathy boosting book indeed!” @mrsbrownsbookbox via Instagram


    “With enough familiar nods to the original plot and such highly illustrated pages, this fairy tale has the ability to be enjoyed by children who are familiar with LGBT gender characters in picture books and by those who are not...I see this as paving the way for our future generations to be heard, accepted, inclusive and open-minded…Include this book and others like it in your home and school libraries - let children be curious in these safe places where trusted and responsible adults are at hand to answer questions or provide support if needed. ....Cinder & Ella is going to be an important book for many people around the world, of all ages. People who haven’t felt seen or heard before, people who have never seen themselves in a story.” The Kids Books Curator


    “I absolutely love the vibrant, colourful, and decorative illustrations…I read this with my P1/2 class yesterday and they were entranced with the story and the magic…The fact that Ella’s parents are so kind and supportive of her choice of partner makes a great foil to the evil stepmother trope.” @childrensfiction via Instagram


    “It is such an important book in terms of teaching children about same-sex female relationships…The illustrations are stunning, there is something so magical and romantic about them. The cover is gorgeous and has beautiful gold foil, all of these things make it the perfect gift. We absolutely adore this book.” @booksb4bedtime via Instagram

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