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Written by Loll Kirby

Ilustrated by Ashlee Spink


A fantastic colouring book with additional activity pages which excites younger animals lovers, with new animals they might see for the very first time, while enabling them to learn about endangered species and their precious habitats.


Format: Paperback

Colour and Discover Adorable Animals From Around The World

  • "Each double page has interesting facts and a picture to colour for animals including sitatungas, fossas, spotted cuscuses and skunks" @rascals_and_rainbows


    "It really does help children to learn about different animals and also how to protect endangered animals, their habitats and our precious planet" @thewilsonsuk


    "This is such a cool colouring book, filled with interesting facts and some animals even I I hadn’t heard of!" @posies_book_club

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