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Written by Helen Mortimer

Illustrated by Katie Cottle


An autumnal, joyful follow up to Omar, The Bees and Me which sees another blossoming friendship connected by a love of nature. When Jack meets new neighbour, Enzo, from South Africa, they soon discover they love pizza, drones and also have a passion for using technology in birdwatching! As the time comes for their favourite swallows to migrate, Jack discovers then Enzo has to return home.  How will they continue their friendship from other sides of the world? 


Format: Paperback

Enzo, The Swallows and Me

  • "A heartwarming and tender tale with an environmental and educational aspect as its core…" @small.wonder.books


    "This is an absolutely beautiful story of friendship, migration and love. The illustrations are stunning and really give you that Autumnal feel!" @father_reader_teacher


    "A narrative that superbly weaves nature and friendship together to create something that's not only factual and insightful about our planet but also about our emotions and overcoming the challenges of change. We would certainly recommend this book…" @littlegreengem_

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