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Written by Alice Corrie

Illustrated by Ipek Konak


A tongue twisting, read-aloud debut from author Alice Corrie, who has worked as a children's book editor specialising in picture books for almost twenty years. With dynamic and playful illustrations from Turkish artist Ipek Konak, the funny story of Fifi the Flamenco loving flamingo is a celebration of fabulousness and pure camp, as well as the vibrance of hispanic and latino culture. When Fifi tries to dance in front of the other flamingos, her flappy, flippy-floppy legs fail and they all fall about laughing at her. As she sets off on her quest to find her calling, she discovers the Flamenco Fiesta. The crowds all love Fifi's unique style of dancing and she becomes a fabulous, fantastic fashionable 'Flamenco Flamingo'!


Format: Paperback

Fabulous Fifi: The Flamenco Flamingo

  • "It’s a hilarious read-aloud and read-along children’s story due to its tongue-twisting vocabulary and cumulative verses" @homeplaylearn


    "It is a wonderful story about following your dreams, embracing diversity & believing in yourself! A wonderful message for children" @themagicofearlyyears


    "This book is wonderful for conveying the uniqueness that is within us and emphasising that it should be celebrated!" @sharing.the.shelf

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