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Written by Cara Matheson

Illustrated by Mirna Imamović


When your pet can change colour, finding them is no easy job, but what happens when it's their owner who needs finding?


Floss, the colour-changing cockapoo, is the perfect fit for her beautifully blended family. Floss finds mischief at every turn, but when things go wrong, she uses her skills to save the day! Includes advice on what to do if you get lost and how to stay safe.


“A lovely humorous rhyming tale, with an important message on staying safe.” - Creative Steps Magazine


"Utterly delightful! A heart-warming story with an important message." - Catherine Emmett


Format: paperback

Finding Floss : The colour-changing Cockapoo

  • “A lovely humorous rhyming tale, with an important message on staying safe.” - Creative Steps Magazine


    "Finding Floss is not just a bright and beautiful celebration of the bond between a child and their pet, but also a clever way to deliver important messages to children about what to do if they ever get lost.” - Lancashire Evening Post


    “Books which teach our little ones valuable life lessons are so useful, and Finding Floss has a brilliant S A F E T Y message for small readers.” @teenyreaders


    “What a beautifully illustrated children’s book! So bright and colourful and inviting!...I don’t think we have ever read a story about getting lost before. It was lovely to have such a different type of educational, yet fun read before bedtime!” @playtimewiththedavies


    “The book is full of colour, is fun to read and Melody loved trying to find Floss on all the pages. We had to read it quite a few times!” @mummyliu_of_two


    “...a delightful story with an important message for children about what to do if you ever get lost.” @childrensfiction


    “I particularly loved the story touching on the girls blended family, always great to see diverse family make ups represented in children's book.” @saltnpopperpot


    “The story had a nice rhyming tone throughout which I personally love in a children's story book. The illustrations are wonderful and there's plenty of things to spot amongst the pages.” @ourlittlesnipets


    "Not only is 'Finding Floss' pure eye-candy for any bookshelf whether in a bookshop or classroom, at a library or at home, it also plays an important role in teaching children about what to do if they get lost." - The Kids Books Curator

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