An important story which amplifies the importance of introverts, while showcasing the amazing celebrations of light across our diverse communities.

"A celebration of light, love and togetherness, just when we need it most." Karl Newson

Little Glow Paperback

  • "I. Love. This. Book." @firstyearsfirstbooks


    “From the moment I saw this book, it gave me a warm fuzzy feeling. Through Katie Sahota‘s lyrical rhyming text it shows a multitude of cultural and religious celebrations. Harry Woodgate‘s illustrations are full of happiness, life and colour.” @little.preene.readers


    "This book achieves so much, it manages to convey peace and love as well as the beauty of diversity and different cultures that enrich this world; it is the perfect introduction to different religions and cultural festivals and is one for every home and classroom." @booksb4bedtime