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Written by Annette Demetriou

Ilustrated by Angela Mayers


As her class explore their family trees, Georgie learns to be proud of her far-reaching roots.

Miss Clark has an exciting project for the class to work on – exploring their family trees!

But when each child is asked to point to the place their parents come from on a map, Georgie doesn't know which parent to choose – her dad is from Africa but her mum is from the UK. Where does she fit in?

Georgie dreads having to draw her family tree as homework but once she starts working on it, with the help of her parents she realises how special it is that the branches stretch so far and wide! And as the class all share their own family trees, the children begin to explore and celebrate each others’ heritage, and realise that all of their roots dig down into the same rich earth – so they're not that different after all. A wonderfully life affirming picture book that celebrates diversity in all its forms.


Format: Paperback

Me, in the Middle

  • "This is a beautifully uplifting story about not judging others on their personal appearance and truly embracing your roots. We need more books like this!" @raising_bookworms


    "This shows us why we should NEVER judge someone by the colour of their skin, or colour of their hair, or shape of their features. We are SO MUCH MORE than what can be seen at first glance" @mrsbrownsbookbox


    “This is a must have book, for all children” @brosfros


    “There should be more picture books like Me, in The Middle. A celebration of all different families and a look at what it means to have dual heritage, this is a thoughtful and insightful picture book.” @teenyreaders

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