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Written and Illustrated by Jess Rose


When Dylan and his family move to a new house, he notices something different: THIS house has a GHOST! Sadly, no-one else can accept their spooky housemate, so the family soon evict the ghost. While everyone else enjoys the fright-free days, the house feels sad and empty to Dylan. Can he help his family fix their mistake?


Format: Paperback

No Home for a Ghost

  • "Another lovely, non-spooky, seasonal share, touching on themes of home, dispalcement, belonging and kindness…" @mrsbrownsbookbox


    "Here is a heartwarming and not at all spooky read that is perfect for littler ones this Halloween season…" @weereads1


    "Well-written and beautifully illustrated. It already holds a special place in our collection. This isn't your typical scary ghost story. It is a book about kindness and belonging and explores the idea of empathy and the meaning of home." @mammy_gittins

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