Written by Helen Mortimer.

Illustrated by Katie Cottle.

When Omar brings in some honey cake that reminds him of his beekeeping grandpa, it gives his teacher an idea and soon the whole class is absorbed in making their town more bee friendly.
 Omar and Maisie discover a shared family passion around bees as their friendship blossoms alongside the flowers.  A sustainability story about making little wins for our big planet and finding the things that connect us all.

Omar, the Bees and Me

  • "Omar and the Bees is such a fabulous picturebook, touching on themes of migration, friendship, conservation, lgbtq+ representation and community action" @childrensfiction


    "The story is so uplifting and hopeful. Two children create such beautiful change" @homeschool_with_me


    "The illustrations, packed with details, are warm and beautiful. As a bonus, there are bee facts in the first and last spread as well as a honey cake recipe at the end" @life_with_little_mr.d