New edition - new cover and illustrations!

Written by IVF mum, Laura Gallagher. 

Illustrated by Nicci Martin.

The next time you look up the night sky, if you stare really hard; you might be lucky enough to see the sparkling metal planet with all its robots and all their robo-babies. 

A story about the many ways in which babies arrive into their families, including IVF, donor conception, surrogacy and adoption.


  • "A read so lovely I had to share, a heartwarming & child-friendly way to teach children the ways families are made. It touches on fertility issues, babies born through IVF, surrogacy, adoption & premature babies. A really beautiful & sensitive story" @alexgrice_


    "This book covers everything from adoption to donor conception in such a lovely way; I truly feel like I want to buy a copy of this book for every child I know (which would cost me 💰as I work in a school!) because this is such an important read" @thewhitstablemum


    "It is one truly important book to have in any collection and a gorgeous one too" @mancunian_mum