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Written by Ian Eagleton

Illustrated by Jessica Knight


Rory loves his dad, but he also really likes his step-dad, Tony. He has weekends with Dad in the park and makes imaginary dens with Tony, so when Father's Day comes, who should he make his card for at school? Spotting his frustration, Tony spends his 'rainy-day pennies' to take Rory somewhere new - an ART GALLERY, full of wonders. As they pause to reflect in a huge room of rectangles, Rory sees his conflicting feelings glistening back at him in many powerful colours. Afterwards, a 'chance' encounter with Dad, under a red sky, helps Rory realise that he doesn't have to feel torn at all.




" of the most realistic and honest portrayals... of the conflicting emotions experienced by children who have parents and stepparents. Perfect for children in KS1 and brilliant for children to be able to see their own and others' realities reflected." - The Literacy Tree


Format: paperback

Rory's Room of Rectangles

  • "An honest and compassionate story." - The Rocketship Bookshop


    "Another winner...should be in every Primary School in my opinion." - Bev Humphrey, Literacy & Digital Media Consultant


    “An essential read about a child who has both a dad and a step dad. It is a gentle exploration of blended families and the attached emotions. A truly beautiful read!” - @father_reader_teacher


    “A warm and gentle story that celebrates blended families. The art Rory sees in the gallery is an effective representation of his conflicting feelings as he settles into a new way of life, but the overriding feeling at the end of the book is love." - Clare Helen Welsh, Books That Help Blog


    "Essential reading for children, whether they are living in a blended family or not." - The Kids Books Curator


    “Family dynamics are constantly changing and these need to be reflected in the stories we read. It is worth adding this book to libraries, schools and homes!" - My Shelves Are Full Blog

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