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We are offering a fabulous backlist bundle to bring diversity to any classroom or school library:


EYFS: 'Robo-Babies' - a simple story with loveable robots that teaches young children that families are made in all different ways. Links to PSHE, 'all about me' and fine motor skills play activities.

'We're off to Meet a Mermaid/Unicorn' - an inclusive family go on a fun and playful search for a mermaid (or Unicorn), finding endangered wildlife along the way. Links to learning about our environment and animal play based activities.

KS1: 'The Wonderful World Was Waiting' - a beautiful rhyming story that helps to ease social anxiety for children readjusting to post-lockdown life, injecting magic into 'everyday' events that children growing up in lockdown might worry about experiencing for the first time. 

KS2: 'Nen and The Lonely Fisherman' - A story that shows us how to care for people and planet - links to PSHE (relationships and pride) and oceans/sustainability topics

'Sunflower Sisters' - A book that sheds light on colourism but also talks about self love and offers a window into modern South Asian and Nigerian families. Links to PSHE and learning about different cultures and allyship.


The RRP for this bundle is £39.95. Order yours today for just £20.


Schools Diversity Bundle - 5 titles £20

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