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Written by Samuel Langley-Swain

Illustrated by Katie Cottle


Arlo visited Nana every Sunday. She would always have new sweets waiting for him inside a special jar. When Arlo finds out Nana has passed away, he keeps the jar with him to feel safe and closer to his Nana. As his sadness turns to anger, a storm builds inside the jar, until Arlo has enough and smashes it open! After the storm washes him out to sea, Arlo spots Nana sailing off into the
moonlight. He knows she will be happy and safe, wherever she is headed.  This book is  a vital resource to families who are trying to navigate the emotional aftermath of any kind of loss. It shows us that all types of feelings are real and valid.


Format: Paperback

Storm in a Jar

  • "An honest and very much needed book about grief, loss, light and love." @inclusive_childrens_books


    "A great book for prompting important conversations about difficult emotions, and one that will certainly help many children understand their own feelings when dealing with loss" @tillyscrump3


    "I've been looking for the right book to help my younger children with the mixture of emotions faced with our grief. A book to cover the anger, the confusion, the questions and encourage honest & open discussions...finally I've found the perfect one" @ramblingsandrainbows


    “Stunning storytelling gently takes us on Arlo's emotional and heartfelt journey through loss and out the other side to happier days. You can feel the amount of care and tenderness that has gone into each page, making this such a positive and accessible picture book to add to any children's bookshelf. Especially, in preparation for and times of loss. The thoughtful wording and warm, relatable illustrations help children to see that these types of big feelings are normal and OK to have. With emphasis on the importance of not bottling up feelings as this can cause them to grow. Its ending is heart-warming and positive; supporting the idea of being able to remember loved ones that are no longer with us in a happy way.” - 3LittleButtons blog


    "Understanding what it means to us when someone dies can be hard for adults as well as children and I think this book will provide a gentle way into those difficult but necessary discussions that we need as we process what's happened. The illustrations are wonderful, working with the story to create a safe space to open up about overwhelming emotions and how to deal with them. 'Storm in a Jar' is a beautiful book that talks tenderly to children as they journey through their grief towards the light and hope that life still holds." - Loll Kirby, author of 'Old Enough to Save The Planet'

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