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Treat a great teacher this term with these inclusive picture books for their classrooms - after all, they might have enough wine, chocolate and bubble bath to last the rest of the year. Here's some info about the 3 great books on offer for just £5:


An uplifting story on sustainability and communities, Omar, The Bees and Me encourages children to look after each other and also nature in their local communities, by planting wild flowers to form bee corridors. 


Enzo, The Swallows and Me sees another blossoming friendship connected by a love of nature. When Jack meets new neighbour, Enzo, from South Africa, they soon discover they love pizza, drones and also have a passion for using technology in birdwatching!  But what happens when Enzo has to go home?


In Rory's Room of Rectangles, Rory loves his dad, but he also really likes his step-dad, Tony. He has weekends with Dad in the park and makes imaginary dens with Tony, so when Father's Day comes, who should he make his card for at school? Spotting his frustration, Tony spends his 'rainy-day pennies' to take Rory somewhere new - an ART GALLERY!


We know teachers often buy books for their class with their own money, so this will be a really worthwhile gift - plus there's free shipping!


Teacher £5 Gift Bundle

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