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Written by Laren Fennemore

Illustrated by Zoe Damoulakis


With a passion for storytelling in rhyme, it was the whirlwind of 2020 that inspired author Lauren Fennemore to turn her pen to children’s books. ‘The Year We Muddled Through’ after finding herself out of work and about to have her miracle IVF baby.


She hopes that her words and Zoe Damoulakis’s illustrations will have a special place on the bookshelves of any family who has “muddled through” a year so full of weirdness and wonder.


Format: Paperback


The Year We Muddled Through


    "I absolutely love this magical little story about the year we all muddled through" @this.literary.queendom


    "I just adore these books and the hope and sparkle they bring to what have been some very dull days" @goingwiththeflouk


    "It’s an emotional and highly relatable read, which has been sprinkled with a little bit of childhood imagination and magic. It’s a wonderful keepsake for a most unusual time in our lives and I cannot recommend it highly enough" @ivyslibrary

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