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Written by Eloise White

Illustrated by Cory Reid


We've hunted for bears, elves and eggs... now we're hunting for everyone's favourite - unicorns! But readers will not only enjoy looking for the hiding unicorn in the pages, they'll also learn about our world's endangered wildlife along the way.


Format: Paperback

We're Off To Find A Unicorn

  • "As well as being great fun, it’s lovely to see such an inclusive cast of characters in this book - turns out it doesn’t matter who you are, we all want to spot a unicorn" @littlereaderloves


    "We’re off to find a unicorn is adorable and fun! We loved the charming structure of the story as a group of diverse people set out to find a unicorn" @inclusivestorytime


    "They are on the hunt for a unicorn but who do they find instead. They stumble upon a few endangered animals such as a pangolin and bush baby. This is a great conversation starter as the children had lots of questions about these animals" @13rebecca13


    "It's all about going on an adventure to find a unicorn, all of the images are stunning and colourful" @mayasmoonplay

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