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Written by Samuel Langley-Swain

Illustrated by Helen Panayi


‘Just like all ring-tailed lemurs, Maki liked to bathe in the sun and huddle under the moon. BUT one thing Maki DIDN’T like to do, was LISTEN!’


Join Maki on his adventures through the Madagascan forest, where things may not be as they seem. Can clever chameleon, Sofina, help Maki to listen when it matters the most?


For children, this charming story is about a loveable lemur who learns to listen. For adults, the text explores neurodiverity, demand avoidance & alternative parenting styles.


Format: Paperback

What Makes a Lemur Listen?

  • "This book made my children laugh out loud" @playellasway


    “The illustrations are amazing and we loved the expressive faces… but most of all we found this book so valuable for improving my daughter’s listening skills” @my_three_little_strawberries


    “The author’s use of vocabulary is brilliant, I loved the range of adjectives he used. Combined with the illustrators vibrant pictures it made this a story that you will want to read over and over again” @father_teacher_reader


    “The story generated so much discussion about the importance of listening to others and ways that we can become better listeners” @childrensfiction

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