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Written by Annette Demetriou and Dawn White

Illustrated by Ryan Sonderegger


Wild gives a gentle glimpse into gang mentality through the eyes of two young brothers Wolfie and Wilfie. Carefully crafted for younger readers, it deals with themes of peer pressure to follow and join in with unruly behaviour or be shunned by the popular kids. The book aims to open up conversations and help children realise that they don't have to follow the pack, give them the confidence to do the right thing and ultimately, stay true to who they really are.


Format: Paperback


  • "Fear. Intimidation. Anger. All these emotions are explored in a sensitive but honest way" @theunyoungmum


    "It was a great way to initiate a conversation about peer pressure and having the confidence in yourself to make good choices and not always follow the pack" @rascals_and_rainbows


    "It is such a sensitive way of opening up conversations about peer pressure and showing children that they don’t have to follow the pack" @makemerryandcreate

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