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Ian Eagleton

Children's Author

Ian was born in Essex. Having 13 years as primary school teacher, which has included being an English Coordinator, Phase Leader and member of Senior Management he is now a resource writer for The Literacy Shed and Authorfy as well as Director of The Reading Realm and creator of The Reading Realm app!


"Everybody deserves a happy ending, but too often those of us in the LGBT+ community have been excluded from seeing ourselves in children’s stories. It is vital that children see lots of different types of relationships, so that they can learn about acceptance, diversity and all the wonderful ways people can live and love!”

Books published by Owlet Press


Rory's Room of Rectangles

Rory's Room of Rectangles by Ian Eagleton, illustrated by Jess Knight (Owlet Press, 2023)


The Woodcutter and The Snow Prince


Nen and the Lonely Fisherman

Winner of the inaugural Polari Children’s and YA Prize 2022, praised for being “important and radical”.

Ian Eagleton
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