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Jess Rose

Children's Author & Illustrator

Jess Rose is an author, illustrator and designer living in rural Yorkshire, England. With a big imagination and a love to laugh, Jess spends her days illustrating and writing children's books as well as illustrating for big name brands and licenses in the commercial market. Jess’s love for the outdoors, nature and her children often inspire her work and fuel her imagination.

Books published by Owlet Press


My Mummy Is A Witch (Illustrator)

My Mummy Is A Witch by Helena Garcia, illustrated by Jess Rose (Owlet Press)


No Home for a Ghost (Author & Illustrator)

No Home For A Ghost by Jess Rose (Owlet Press)


Dilwyn The Welsh Dragon (Illustrator)

Dilwyn The Welsh Dragon by Samuel Langley-Swain, illustrated by Jessica Rose (Owlet Press)

Jess Rose
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